Oakton High School has three concert bands that run throughout the school year: Symphonic, Concert 1 and Concert 2.

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This ensemble provides an opportunity for a select group of advanced musicians to perform challenging and innovative music compositions. Along with musical concepts and historical notes, theoretical concepts are applied to each piece. These are highly motivated musicians dedicated to their instruments and their performances and auditions frequently earn them places in Honor Bands at the District and Regional level as well as top places in the All-State Virginia Honors Band and Senior Regional Orchestra.


This ensemble of musicians seek to master more challenging music and performance opportunities as they develop at the intermediate level. Musical concepts and the historical background are discussed as the concert pieces are introduced.


This ensemble of musicians seeks to learn basic mastery of their instruments in a concert environment. Proper technique, good habits and practice are key for this ensemble. This is a 3rd period class that meets every day.

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Concert Band Spring Trips

The band goes on a spring trip every year. Though participation is optional, these trips are a great team building time where students who have worked hard together all year can come together to perform some of their pieces and celebrate a great year. There is a different destination every year and payments are made throughout the year so that they are affordable. Nashville, Tennessee, Disney, Myrtle Beach, SC and NYC are the rotated destinations.