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Jazz Band classes are designed to introduce and develop jazz performance through the rehearsal and performance of quality jazz literature. Jazz theory is studied as a basis for improvisation. Jazz performance techniques are developed through listening and imitation. Musical, historical and theoretical concepts are discussed and applied appropriately to every piece of music.


Why participate in Jazz Band?

  • Jazz Band... is an extra course credit.

  • Gives students the opportunity to learn to play a different instrument than they play in concert band.

  • Is an opportunity to learn a new genre of music.

  • Allows students to perform and travel more often.

  • Gives students extra experience and rehearsal time to improve skills.

  • Jazz music is super fun!


Every year, Oakton celebrates its jazz talent with a special event called Jammin’ Oakton. This is a special night where tablecloths and centerpieces adorn the tables, and parents and guests have a chance to see their students in a Jazz Café environment.  The opportunity to be close to the bands while they play and enjoy refreshments with the music is a once-a-year opportunity! 

All Oakton bands families are encouraged to come and enjoy the unique sound of jazz on this night.  

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