How to Join/Marching Band Forms

Marching Band: How to Join

All band students are welcome and encouraged to march! Students placed in Concert Band 1 and Symphonic Band are required to march. Any student interested in Marching Band should complete the forms and bring them to Marching Band Registration night in May. These forms also include the necessary medical and emergency forms required to participate in band camp.
Please see the FAQs page if you have any questions.


Forms and Fees

The Marching Band fee for 2017 is $225, payable to Oakton High School. This is due by September 1, 2017 if the student is going to Orkney or at registration (on May 31 or June 1) if the student is not going to Orkney.

The fee covers consumable items/expenses for the marching band season. Examples of these items include band t-shirt, drill book, uniform, uniform accessories/maintenance, instrument accessories, music/copyright, food for instructional trips, etc. Read our FAQs for more details about band finances.

Orkney Springs Resident Camp Fee for 2017 is $610. This fee covers items/expenses for the Orkney Springs Resident Camp which includes transportation, lodging, meals, camp expenses, band staff, chaperones, etc. A $300 deposit is required at Marching Band registration. Make check payable to Oakton High School or pay online via CHARMS Office Assistant. The remaining payment of  $310 is due on August 9, 2017.

Due Date Fee Amount
At Marching Band Registration
(May 31 or June 1)
Orkney Camp Payment 1 of 2 $300
August 9, 2017 Orkney Camp Payment 2 of 2 $310
September 1, 2017 Marching Band Fee $225


2017-2018 Forms

Please fill out these forms and submit them during Marching Band Registration Nights. After Marching Band Registration Nights, these forms can be submitted to the school's main office, attention Michelle Taylor - Band Forms. The medical forms only may also be submitted to