Color Guard

The Color Guard uses movement and props such as flags, sabres, or rifles to expresses dynamic passages in the music. We accept students of all skill levels and backgrounds, including those with no previous experience. Please contact the Color Guard instructor, Miles Strebeck, at if you have any questions.

Fall Guard

In the Fall, Color Guard is a vital part of the Marching Band field show and a requirement for competition. The unit is judged on its own merits, but also contributes to the overall success of the Marching Band. Fall Color Guard members attend band camp at Orkney in August and perform at the football games and Marching Band competitions. This terrific group was instrumental in the Cougar Marching Band achieving a SUPERIOR rating during the 2012 marching season.

Winter Guard

After Fall Color Guard ends, Winter Guard begins. This larger, more theatrical group competes indoors and travels to competitions throughout the region. The Winter Guard competes in regional competitions throughout the season. They combine dance, flags and the use of equipment to create challenging and entertaining performances.

Color Guard/Winter Guard Calendar

FAQs About Color Guard/Winter Guard

Q. What is Color Guard/Winter Guard?

A: The Color Guard is a section of the Marching Band that uses flags, rifles, and sabres along with dance to visualize the music played by the band. In marching band competitions, the guard is an essential component of the band their performance is influential in the overall score.

In August, Fall Color Guard members attend band camp at Orkney Springs, VA with the marching band for an entire week. The camp at Orkney is a wonderful bonding experience where you will make life-long friends as you learn perform with the marching band!

During the Fall Season, as a member of the Color Guard, you will perform with the band at half time during home football games, travel with the band to away games and competitions on Saturdays.

Winter Guard is an indoor sport in which the guard performs to pre-recorded music during competitions.

Winter Guard starts after the Fall Marching season is over in November. Practices for Winter Guard begin around mid November. The first competition is in February and the last one is in April.

Q. Who can join Color Guard/Winter Guard?

A: Color Guard/Winter Guard is open to all students in Oakton High School! While there are some students who are part of the regular band program, enrollment in the music/band program is not required for participation in the Color Guard/Winter Guard.

Q. Why join Color Guard/Winter Guard?

A: It is a great opportunity to participate in representing Oakton High School, to grow as individuals and team members, to learn performance skills, and to build self-confidence and self-esteem.

Q. Do I need previous experience?

A: No, you don’t need previous performance, dance, or other experience. The Color Guard/Winter Guard coach will teach you everything you need to know.

Q. Will this look good on my college application?

A: Yes, admissions officers are well aware of the hard work and dedication required to succeed as a member of Color Guard/Winter Guard. Many colleges have a Color Guard/Winter Guard and it can be a distinguishing factor in your application.

For additional questions, please contact Miles Strebeck at