District Band Results – Congratulations!

Congratulations to the 17 Oakton HS students who placed at District Band auditions on January 14!

Wind Ensemble

Xander Day, piccolo
Courtney Tern, 2nd chair clarinet
Kevin Mo, 3rd chair clarinet
Zack Thomas, contra clarinet
Kevin Robinson, 1st chair horn

Symphonic Band

Yingyin Chen, 3rd chair flute
Kathryn Nei, 10th chair flute
Charlotte Cai, 2nd alternate flute
Devon Petrecca, 4th chair bassoon
Justin Li, 13th chair clarinet
Jess Bice, 18th chair clarinet
Owen Zhang, 6th alternate clarinet
Olivia Schmitz, 2nd alternate contra clarinet
Coleman Jenkins, 5th chair horn
Sam Walters, 1st alternate horn
Kate Meldrum, 1st chair trombone
Matt Davis, 1st chair bass trombone

The District Band event is February 2-4. The concert is on Saturday, February 4 at Kenmore Middle School in Arlington. Please come and support our students!