Band Accolades

Oakton Band Accolades



2017-2018 Marching Cougars Competition Results

Woodbridge Viking Invitational Marching Band Festival at Woodbridge High School, Sept 16, 2017:

  • Second Place Overall;
  • First Place Award for our class;
  • First in Drum Major, Music, and General Effect in our class;
  • Second in Percussion and Visual in our class.


Oakton Band Students Made Virginia All-State Band and Orchestra 2017

Congratulations to our band students who earned a spot in the 2017 All-Virginia Band and Orchestra:

Xander Day, Piccolo
Kevin Robinson, Horn

Symphonic Band:
Yingyin Chen, Flute
Kevin Mo, Clarinet
Courtney Tern, Clarinet

Concert Band:
Zack Thomas, Contra Clarinet

Symphonic Band Performed at the 2017 National Concert Band Festival

The Oakton High School Symphonic Band was invited to perform as one of the Featured Bands at the 2017 Music for All National Concert Band Festival, presented by Yamaha, the nation’s most prestigious festival for school instrumental music ensembles. The invitation came as a result of the evaluation by a panel of esteemed music educators of the recorded assessment performance by our 2015-2016 Symphonic Band.

The 26th annual Festival took place in Indianapolis, March 9-11, 2017. The Oakton High School Symphonic Band performed on the Honors Stage at Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University and participated in master classes and special events.

Oakton Band is now a 22-year Virginia Honor Band

The Oakton Bands performed on March 2-4, 2017, at the Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors Association (VDODA) District X Concert Band Assessment, and all three bands earned a Superior rating!

With the Superior rating earned by the Symphonic Band and the Superior rating earned by the 2016 Marching Cougars at the VBODA Marching Assessment in October, the Oakton Band program again receives the Virginia Honor Band distinction for the 2016-2017 school year. This achievement marks the 22nd year that the Oakton Band program has been named a Virginia Honor Band.

Seventeen OHS Students Made District 12 All-District Band 2017

Congratulations to the 17 Oakton HS students who placed at District Band auditions on January 14!

Wind Ensemble:

Xander D., piccolo
Courtney T., 2nd chair clarinet
Kevin M., 3rd chair clarinet
Zack T., contra clarinet
Kevin R., 1st chair horn

Symphonic Band:

Yingyin C., 3rd chair flute
Kathryn N., 10th chair flute
Charlotte C., 2nd alternate flute
Devon P., 4th chair bassoon
Justin L., 13th chair clarinet
Jess B., 18th chair clarinet
Owen Z., 6th alternate clarinet
Olivia S., 2nd alternate contra clarinet
Coleman J., 5th chair horn
Sam W., 1st alternate horn
Kate M., 1st chair trombone
Matt D., 1st chair bass trombone

The District Band event is February 2-4. The concert is on Saturday, February 4 at Kenmore Middle School in Arlington.

Congratulations to the Students Who Made Senior Regional Orchestra 2016

Xander D., 1st flute and 1st piccolo (!)
Sarah L., 1st oboe alternate
Emily T., 1st bass clarinet
Kevin R., 2nd horn
Coleman J., 2nd horn alternate
Luke S., 2nd trumpet
Jack Y., 1st percussion alternate

Oakton High School has more band (and orchestra) students placed in this year's SRO than any other high school.  The concert is at 2pm on Saturday, November 12 at West Potomac High School.

2016-2017 Marching Cougars Competition Results

Battle on the Blue Ridge Competition at Millbrook High School, Sept 17, 2016:

  • 4th place in the Navy class

North Stafford Invitational at North Stafford High School, Sept 24, 2016:

  • 2nd place in class 4A
  • 1st in Guard
  • 2nd in General Effect


Oakton Band Students Made Virginia All-State Band and Orchestra 2016

Congratulations to:

Xander D., flute
Kevin R., French horn
Luke S., trumpet
Courtney T., clarinet
Zachary T., contra clarinet

Oakton Band is now a 21-year Virginia Honor Band

The Oakton Bands performed on March 11-12, 2016, at the Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors Association (VDODA) District XII Concert Band Assessment, and the Symphonic Band earned a Superior rating. This achievement, combined with the Superior rating earned by the 2015 Marching Cougars at the VBODA Marching Assessment on October 24, 2015, results in the 2015 - 2016 Oakton Band program receiving the Virginia Honor Band distinction this year! This achievement marks the 21st year that the Oakton Band program has been named a Virginia Honor Band.

2016 Winter Guard - "Together We Run"

Champion, Urbana HS Show
Champion, Champe HS Show
4th of 14 at AIA Championships, 80.845, promoted to next level of competition

OHS Winter Guard made finals for the first time in many years at the Atlantic Indoor Association Championships, placing 4th out of 14 units in their class and missing second place by only .035 points (out of 100).

Fifteen Oakton students earned spots in the District XII 2016 All-District Band

Congratulations to:

Jess B., Clarinet, 23rd chair, Symphonic Band
Matt D., Bass Trombone, 2nd chair, Symphonic Band
Xander D., Flute, 1st chair, Wind Ensemble
Ryan F., Trumpet, 4th chair, Wind Ensemble
Chris H., Euphonium, 1st chair, Wind Ensemble
Katie H., Clarinet, 14th chair, Symphonic Band
Roy H., Bassoon, 2nd chair, Wind Ensemble
Caleb K., Alto Saxophone, 1st chair, Symphonic Band
Sarah L., Oboe, 1st chair, Symphonic Band
Kevin M., Clarinet, 18th chair, Symphonic Band
Kathryn N., Flute, 1st alternate
Brad P., Euphonium, 2nd alternate
Kevin R., Horn, 2nd chair, Wind Ensemble
Lina S., Clarinet, 12th chair, Symphonic Band
Adam T., Trombone, 2nd alternate
Courtney T., Clarinet, 1st chair, Wind Ensemble
Zack T., Contra Alto Clarinet, 1st chair, Wind Ensemble
Sean X., Horn, 1st chair, Wind Ensemble

2015 Marching Band - "Cathedral"

Straight Superiors, VBODA Marching Assessment

Congratulations to the Students Who Made Senior Regional Orchestra 2015

RobinsonSRO11142015-IMG_0969smXander D., 2nd chair flute
Ryan F., 2nd chair trumpet
Kevin R., 3rd chair horn
Luke S., 4th chair trumpet
Courtney T., 1st clarinet alternate
Sean X., 1st chair horn

2014-2015 and Before

2015 Winter Guard - "Simple and Free"

7th of 11 at AIA Championships, 71.53

2014 Marching Band - "Spy"

Winner Best Color Guard, USBands Marine Corps Show